Happy Birthday Hugh

Dear Hugh,

It is your birthday today!!! WE miss you terribly but in true Hugh fashion I would talk to you about the things I have learned in this zig zag grief process.

1. I have learned that people are even more wonderful than we talked about before.hughandkaren
2. I have learned that God does send Angels at just the right time.
3. I know you are cracking up but I learned that I can make a bed.
4. I have learned that I would rather be on my knees in praise with you rather than without you but I praise anyway.
5. I have learned that grief is not a strait line but rather a sucker punch hitting when you do not see it coming.
6. I have also learned and this is straight from you, that I pick up the phone and call someone that has walked this road before me.
7. I have learned that pain is real and deep but I have also learned that the joy is deeper because I got to be your wife and learn and grow with you and teach people that that spirit in us is stronger than anything else and at the foundation LOVE!!!!!

PS. I checked on a few of your sponsees yesterday as I knew you would want me to do that and they are doing great, just missing you but trying dilligently to use the lessons you taught.

Pss. We got a puppy and her name is Scarlett. The kids and I needed a distraction and boy did we get one.

Psss. I will celebrate the day today by finding someone that needs some extra love because as we discussed before….”Whatever it is you need, give that away and you will find it”

I love you and adore you,
Your proud wife.

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