Praise Going Up!

Can I get really really real with y’all???  Thanks, I appreciate that. I am scared to launch KS-blog_97_forwebmy blog and I am for the most part fearless not because of my might,  but because I trust that what God puts in my heart he will help me create. The whole point, and I mean the absolute whole point of my love letters and my notes to all of you is that sometimes the love and the enthusiasm just gushes out and must find release.  I am so in hopes that I can impart something that makes you happier, healthier and more hopeful.

I had an amazingly fun photo shoot yesterday, so Kristin put a teaser shot up from the end of our day.  Of course I doubted my verbiage because you know…. I use the word ass. But it makes people smile and it makes. me smile.  I asked Kristin to take a shot with my hands up in praise because I have found in the best of times and the worst of times PRAISE is always the answer.

My ability to praise and be grateful at all times has allowed me to embrace my happy and I hope that in some measure I can help you find your happy too. Be looking for my blog that God willing will be up soon.

My prayer for you as I go to bed with the most grateful of hearts that you look up and look around and see just how many things are praise -worthy.   And so it is.

Love love love you,

Karen Key Smith


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