Dear Hugh, Wisdom Needed

February 21, 2019

Dear Hugh,  WHEW!!!!!! what a week!!!

This has been one of those weeks at work that if you found out about it you would plan a day with Charlie with a facial and a day of rest at a spa.  You would look at me and smile buttercupsand say, “Honey I don’t know how you do it?” You would say why don’t we kneel by the bed and ask our Dad what he would have us to do.

You would then say the sweetest, kindest thing. You would assure me that you trust my judgement because you trust whom I trust. You would tell me that you trust my heart because it is led by love and compassion.  You would tell me to be truthful but kind, honest but careful in my approach. You would also tell me and this was my favorite part, God’s will be done and help us stand up under it.

You were thankful that I did things differently in business and you never expected me to say words, such as,” Business is just Business.”  You and I agreed that my business life was just like my real life, bound by my honor, my compassion and my willingness to never be led by my emotion, because oh how fickle our emotions are.

My decisions that I make impact so many and I carry that on my heart with a grateful responsibility.  What I did not know all those months ago I would lose my calm center, my person, my best friend. The ONLY person that believed 100 percent in my ability to do what I was put here to do, without question, only praise and adoration and support.

I always laughed when people asked me if you gave me advice and you said…”Oh lord no, I just sit back and watch her fly!!!”

I am not sure what I could ever have done worth ANY of that and I know that there was nothing but GRACE, GRACE, God’s GRACE…… greater than all of it and GRACE carried me.  I promised God to always extend that to others and in doing so He has extended it to me.

I think you sent Bruce tonight.  He showed up with Buttercups, because… duh he calls me Buttercup and he loves me and sees deep in my heart.   He planted the buttercup firmly and carefully in the turtle he gave me that sits on the Recovery Porch. It is so lovely.

If you can tell the big guy I could sure use some guidance this week and peace to stand in it.  On another note I think you remember I am the chairman of the Beach Chamber, you would have gone to that even though you HATED those things, you would have been there to be proud of me.  I am a little nervous about standing there in front of those people so I will just try to share some love and hopefully someone will feel brighter and happier with a few words of love and affirmation. And so it is.

Missing you as you are a carrier of Peace and all those can not help but follow suit when you are in the room!!!!

Missing you deeply tonight but again filled with gratitude of the gift of the lessons that have no death, no end.


PS: I bought some shiny Red shoes, just like Dorothy!!! You reckon they can take me away?

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