If My Car Could Talk

If my Car could talk it would……


Tell you how many delightful and peaceful and uplifting things happen in my car. For one I am so thankful to have a car that is not a $500 humpty that breaks down at themost inconvenient times with 3 little kids in tow!!  It would tell you about the funny stories of riding in those old cars with partial roofs and floor boards and partial most every tthing…. So YES I am so grateful for my modern car and lots of great things happen there.

When the kids were little, meaning my first set of kids, Britt, Sheldon and Scotty we had some very interesting vehicles, but yet it was a time to talk to them and sing at times…. Not so good unless it was Britt.  I do remember doing quite a bit of Car dancing and especially to “Build me Up Buttercup.

I do much praying and praise in my car and when I listen to music it is usually uplifting and Christian or a wonderfully powerful podcast. Something else that happens in my car as a result of waiting in traffic…..I pray for the travelers and the strangers riding down the road and ask God to bless each and everyone of them. I ask him to bless their life, marriage, help with their family, their job…. That they are seeking peace.  THIS IS WHERE MY SON SCOTTY WOULD SAY… YES PRAY FOR THEM BECAUSE YOU ARE DRIVING. He added that most of his spiritual experiences happen when he is riding in the car with me. ( I am really not a bad driver, well not too bad)

Now today with my second round of kids, grandkids…. Jocelyn and Jett we have the best and deepest conversations in the car.  You can’t imagine the great things your discover in the car where you have them captured and they come up with the coolest perspectives and you wish you had a recorder.  So since there is no recorder I will be sharing insights and happy that happens in my car.

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