Coffee and the Rain…. Ahhh

Oh how I love coffee and it is weird because I remember that when I first tried it really in college (2nd time around), I did not much like it but alas it was a needed element. I was working a full time job, I had 3 kids one of which was an infant and I was going back to school!!! Yes sounds just like the perfect time for a cup or two or three or twenty of Joe!!! Now there has mostly been a marriage of lots of cream and java for me and no sugar needed.

I love how blogging works I started off thinking that I was writing about coffee and rain but I think now I am going back in time to when the love affair began and why it is a staple of peace and happy memories for me and why I see some of this dancing in my future.

Coffee and sometimes hot tea, almond I preferred was the thing that would be the center PEACE (not an accident) for sitting with a friend and chatting, memorizing stuff for a test, talking out a project and later on it was the thing that Hugh and I loved together. We did not just love coffee but we made it a point to find every adorable coffee shop that we saw when we traveled…. hey we only had to travel down the road at times right in our own town. That was sometimes the sweetest.

We especially loved coffee shops with books, lots and lots of books, there can NEVER be too many of them. I know that if there is ever a lack of something it will not be books so I will be able to learn and travel wherever I please without moving a muscle other than my eyes and my imagination. I love my friends that I can discuss reading with and add a cup of coffee and a light rain outside and BAM you have the recipe for sheer happiness, unfettered.

When Hugh and I met instead of asking me for a drink, thankfully since he was a sober man, he asked me to have a cup of coffee with him. So we drank lots and lots and coffee and we talked about lots and lots of books. We had a funny thing we did as a remembrance of coffee time with my mama before she left us. My mom used to say around 4:00 each day that I was with her,”Karen, emphasis on the long A, lets make us a cup of coffee.” What she meant was she wanted me to make the coffee so I did and so in keeping with that tradition Hugh would say it too. And off with a smile I would make if for each of us and look to heaven and think of mama.

It is not just the smell, or the taste it is all that a good cup of coffee represents. I remember how happy I was when Lacey developed a taste for coffee and that was so sweet because we were both already bound together for our love of books, worship and praise and now COFFEE together.

So if I really want to bring this full circle for the reason I even wanted to write this today. Here is it. I walked into my totally torn up kitchen where the cabinets are torn out and there is no sink and both the kids are sick with the flu. I woke to a light beautiful cleansing rain and Blair had set up my coffee station so I could have my morning coffee. She also bought the most perfect disposable cups that are cute and have darling words on it ….. we have already established that I am in love with words!!! I am using the one that says, “Currently Caffenaiting” and what I am thinking is currently grateful for the rain, grateful for the coffee, grateful for my sweet mama who adored me and told me I was GREAT and could do anything. Grateful for when she died that her spirit seemed to travel to Hugh so he could remind me too on a DAILY basis.

So many lovely, lovely things can be found in the simplest of things and that is where they really resonate and stay with you. So if you have had a cup of coffee with me or two or three I bet you are a happy happy place in my memory. And if it is raining at the same time then, WOW!!!

Thanks for letting me share just for the sake of sharing. I want you to feel love and warmth upon reading and find something simple you love and enjoy it with someone that you love. And so it is.

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