Giving food its Proper Place at My Table!

“Before you can start to reap the physical benefits that fasting can deliver we first need to help you reframe your attitude, beliefs and thought processes surrounding food and its place in your daily life.”

~ Dr. Frank Merritt

I know somewhat of a long title…… but it really is what has happened to me since I have 17hourfastbeen PRACTICING the art of the 17 hour fast!!!  I truly have reframed the way I look at food and its place in my life. You know how us humans are when we have good news we just have to share it and that is the case with this amazing lifestyle change for me.  In sharing my fasting journey I am going to have to come clean about some not so healthy attitudes I have had about food and its place at my table in the past.

Sometimes we have to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough… or maybe a life change such as a death of a precious loved one or perhaps you are sick of littering you house with every diet book EVER written or you have counted carbs, or fat, or calories OR OR OR OR!!!!  You have tried to exercise so you can eat Krispy Kremes guilt free, sorry I have tried that too and to save you heart ache and calories I will let you know how that ends.

So back to the Story…..

One hour before my sweet husband left this earthly plain, Regina showed up at  my door with the book, The 17 Hour Fast. They knew the book was meant to be in my hands because  years prior Frank lost his best friend, a brother that was as real as a brother by birth. I will not tell their story but suffice it to say the life and death of his friend Jason propelled him and even demanded that his life take a HUGE leap of faith and continue the work they had started on the research of the 17 hour fast.

Please read  17 Hour Fast to find out the story behind the story and you will see why it is such a passionate part of Frank and Regina’s life. You will find physical, spiritual and emotional benefits, but for now let me tell you the work that it has begun in me.  

When I began approximately 7 months ago trying the fast, I started with 15 hours and continued to see how many cookies I could still eat and reap a positive outcome!!!  I know….. Not the smartest eating plan. I noticed that even though I was not paying much attention to what I ate before and after, I saw some changes in the amount of time I was consumed worrying about what to eat, how much to eat, slow carb, no carb, this carb, that carb. I found that instead of eating in the morning, I had more time for prayer meditation and just TIME!!!  I also found that the anxiety around how much to eat, what to eat blah blah blah was gone.

Fast forward all these months.  I now fast about 4 to 5 days 17 hours at a time at least and because I have noticed healthy changes I have done as the book says and I pay attention to my pre and post meals.  THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO SHARE AND SHOUT WITH YOU…. PLEASE DON’T THINK THIS IS A PRACTICE OF PERFECTION. IT IS NOT, IT IS A DAILY JOURNEY THAT HAS NOT ONLY HELPED ME DROP POUNDS THAT I HAVE BEEN HOLDING ON TO LIKE IT WAS MY JOB FOR ABOUT 5 YEARS NOW, IT IS CHANGING ME FROM THE INSIDE OUT.

I have so much more to share with you but decided I would at least get the conversation started.  I have gone from 148 pounds on this tiny frame to 132!!!! Oh Lord, I just may see the 120’s soon, Won’t  that be great???

The weight loss is a perk but it is not the whole story, there is so much more and I will share  much more soon. The best time of your life to start a new path is right now. Next time I will share my honesty of my struggle as I know I am not alone in this food LOVE/HATE relationship.  

Today I am thankful and appreciative that Frank took the pain of his loss and has turned it into a mission of teaching and sharing and loving people and hopefully you will be blessed as I have been.  

Until next time…..I love you all!!!!

Grace upon Grace be upon you…. And so it is.


6 thoughts on “Giving food its Proper Place at My Table!

  1. Thanks for reading Anita!!!! I really am loving this adventure. It goes along with my trying to slow my life down. This engine needs to come into the station for refuel. My next blog talks about that. Thanks for being a great encourager of my writing!!!!

  2. Love your take on fasting and I’m enjoying the fasting lifestyle too! Some days it 18:6 and other days it’s 20:4 but I like that it’s flexible and you start over fresh each day! p.s. you look great but I thought you always did! <3

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