Of Mess and Moxie

“Forgiven people, forgive people. Adored people adore people. Freed people free people.  But when we are still locked in our own prisons, it is impossible to crave the liberation of others. Misery prefers company.”  ~ Jen Hatmaker

ofMessAndMoxieHow in the world do you review this book????? So many questions to think about so many truths to celebrate and so very very very much laughter. I mean guffaw laughter. Very real. Very deep and at the same time light!!! I know that is hard to imagine, I promise just read it!!

“Love means saying to someone else story or pain or anger or experience: “I’m listening. Tell me More.” Love refuses to deny or dismantle another’s perspective simply because I don’t share it. At its core, love means caring more about that person’s soul than anything else. The New Testament coined it with a lovely phrase preferring others. it”s a super simple approach that would change the whole world.” ONE OF MY FAVE PHRASES OF MANY MANY MANY IN THIS DELIGHTFUL BOOK.

If I could give this book 10 stars then I would.

If you deal with family, kids, church, questions, heartache, just people in general and Jesus perspective then I think you will fall in love and enjoy the life out of this book. Go ahead treat yourself and your world.

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