Some Gifts are Forever

Dear Erica and Carl,

CarlAndEricaThis is a picture that I lived in once before. I am not sad that it is not my picture now, I am only celebrating that it is yours and I get to be witness to it. I celebrate it because you and Carl are not only lovely with each other, you share that lovely with the world. With your passion for RIGHT and for the idea that all God’s kids are lovely in their own measure.

I celebrate you because I know what you have and I had it too. The fact that I no longer have that gift here it will never diminish that gift or what it did to change my life or what it will do to continue to change my life. Some gifts are forever even when the object of that gift is not on this earth, there is no erasing its value. It multiplies in the lives we touch and love and celebrate.

Just like Scott Ashton Jernigan said, it is like since Hugh left, I have doubled down on love. Oh if we could all just double down on love, what a lovely lovely thought.

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