The Gift of Desperation

When Life Becomes More than you can Stand Kneel.

Us humans are a funny bunch.  We are not real good at learning second hand, we kneelsomehow want to touch that hot stove over and over rather than get that information from others with little consequence.  There seems to be a gift that comes with desperation if we allow it to be a gift we open.

When life throws us into a desperate state where our hands are thrown in the air in defeat and we have given up on our options…. Then Eureka we are at a place where true growth can begin.   I have found that if I think I have all the answers, then I have NO reason to seek within, or search, or pray are seek a better way. I have no reason but to accept where I am and keep on doing what I have always done and always get what I have always got!!!

As I look back on my life and I see the low points where the ONLY thing I could do is say, “Jesus take the wheel.”  Sorry to wax country music but this PERFECTLY describes that moment in time where I know that I CAN NOT but someone higher than me can.   

With desperation comes questioning of my old ways, thoughts of better ways and it also pushes me to seek wisdom of others. I wish I could remember which pastor said it but it was and IS GREAT… He said,”I wish my congregation would get lost so they could get found.”  Only the lost need to be saved and I think in a way we are all lost in some ways and don’t know it.

Defeat and desperation and the gift of change that they bring to our life can be the greatest catalyst for a new and improved life.  

Another funny thing about our lives is our greatest gifts are also our greatest things that may trip us up. What was once a great coping strategy at one phase may now be something that needs to be cast aside in another phase of our life.  What worked once just no longer works and the path you are on is taking you down the wrong road. Oh lordy, don’t stay just because you have been on it so long, and you think it is too late to turn back. It is NEVER too late to make a new start, a fresh start, a more informed start.

When your life has been a life filled with all the things that make up our life, the joy, the heartache, the surprises, the letdowns, the friendships, the loss of those, the loss of life, the loss of hope, the capturing the lost hope, the chance to start anew.  I know that most of life is a chance each day for us to kneel in extreme gratitude for all of it. THERE IS A GIFT IN EVERYBIT OF IT. EVERYBIT OF IT. MY ANSWER IS TO KNEEL THEN TO LOOK UP WITH PRAISE IN MY HEART AND SAY. YES YOU AND ME, WE GOT THIS. AND SO IT IS.


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