Dear Hugh, I walked our path


Oh my!!! How many times did we walk that path to the beach?  I met you on that beach with your bow legs and your tan skin and your kind greeting.  I thought it funny that you could smoke those cigarettes and run faster than me…. I could however outlast you, but could never match your pace.

Do your remember when I teased you and said that if you were in a marathon, that the volunteers would hold a cigarette out for you to puff instead of a gatorade?  Do you remember that you picked up a shell on the beach and handed it to me on one of our runs and I still have that shell?  Okay here comes the embarrassing part….. I slept with that shell under my pillow for the longest of times.

I went to Art in the Park yesterday without you for the first time to celebrate Erica’s birthday.  You would always take me to those events and buy me jewelry…. it did take you a few years to figure out that I really did not want the dainty little stuff…. I wanted the BIG CHUNKY stuff. I may be small but I require my jewelry BIG and BOLD.  Hey but don’t worry about me though because I made sure that I supported the artist and got myself a few baubles… OKAY maybe more than a few.

Last year we spent several long hours eating and visiting and enjoying the sunshine and almost missed the whole art show!!!  Imagine that, us missing something because you were eating slow!! LOL.  Erica, Carl and I  missed you but we sure thought of you as we were enjoying all the art and the friends we visited with.

As I walked our path today, I looked at the sky as the shades of day were lowered and the sun sneaked under the earth and I was just so GRATEFUL!!! God really did give us a precious life together, not as long as I wished, but sure MORE FULL of LOVE than anyone could have dreamed of. I have chosen to just be grateful for all the steps that we took together and all the life and all the art and all the sunlit days and………Just all of it.

I know you were worried about leaving me but rest assured that I am surrounded and held up by the greatest of love!!!

All my adoration!


ps.  Britt is married!!! Yes you heard right!!! She is married to the sweetest and I mean the sweetest fellow named Diego. He actually acts a lot like you. I think he may be the only man on the planet to tame that wildfire.  Britt misses you with the deepest of missing!!!

pss. It is my birthday soon and that is going to feel so strange without you,  but I bet you know I am having a fund raiser to celebrate by spreading some love…. just like Scotty said we are doubling down on love.








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