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noexcuseRaise your hand if you like Burpees!!!!  Just so you know my hand is not raised.  Raise your hand if you are grateful that you can EVEN do a burpee!!  My hand is somewhat raised but I would not make Mr. or Mrs. Burpee proud with the way that I do them. I am just thankful to get through them.  What I am thankful about is that I am able to move and use my arms and legs and my heart beats and my lungs breath in deeply.

I did the April fools  day work out, which was in NO WAY A joke, it was brutal,  Orange Theory never repeats a work out and true to form they did not disappoint.  As I was working out or rather panting and praying to live, I was tempted for just a moment to complain in my head at least.  I caught myself and thought of my friends who would love to work out and would gladly trade places with me. I know that there are people who have to struggle to do the simplest of things and have great challenges.

One such person that INSPIRES me to have NO EXCUSES is Nick Santonastasso, born with a rare condition that left him with no legs, only one partial arm with 1 finger. He is a body builder, wrestler….. you heard me a WRESTLER, and motivational speaker and many other things but what he is NOT, is a person who settles for ordinary.  I was blown away when I watched videos of him working out in the gym and doing so with a big smile and an enthusiastic zest for life. It is not surprising that he motivates others to reach further.  Be sure to check him out on Instagram and facebook and be prepared to drop any excuses you might come up with…. I promise you I did.

When I think of all that I have, my health, the ability to breath and walk unassisted, to go to a gym, to run…… to SORT OF do a burpee, I am so grateful.

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  1. This was exactly what I needed to hear today. Ilovehow God works this way. Thanks for sharing, thanks for no excuses, and thank you so much for your blog

    1. Thanks so much for being so sweet as to comment. This love makes me so happy!!!! Hope you have the sweetest day ever filled with loves of love and light.
      karen key smith

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