Our Beautiful Boy is 6!!!!

playgroundToday was Jett’s birthday and we had a most magical day with him and the cake was a hit, the gifts were perfect, the people around the table were all radiating joy.  The kids were excited, the birthday song was even quite melodious thanks to Britt’s lead.  All those things were lovely but what I really  want to talk about is Jett and a special something that he has that will serve him well in this world.

Jett is a robust child with a pudgy tummy and round face and he is over the top of his percentile in his weight and height etc.  But the thing that he is really overloaded with is a gracious, kind, generous and appreciative attitude.  When he does do something wrong, he feels it deeply and is quick to apologize and make amends. Hugh Smith would be so proud fo that, I suspect he may have learned some of that from the G!!!

He gets so excited and grateful when you give him a gift and makes you feel so appreciated and loved for loving him….. it is a boomerang of love and you can feel it so deeply.  When Piper is cold and he takes off his jacket without prompting, you wonder where did he learn to do these things.  He seems to have this innate ability to just find a way to love people, he wears a big beautiful heart on the outside and shares it with every one.

Jett does not have his mom who loved him dearly and for the time he does not have his father, what he does have is a Village of people loving him and lifting him up. He does know that he is loved by God and knows that it is his job to love like God loves and I think he has that figured out. I am so thankful for all he people that pour into his life.

Happy Happy Birthday our sweet Jett, keep on being the most lovable little boy that I know will grow into the most amazing  man one day.  We will ask God to continue to guide you and us in that direction


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