Trust And Obey…. for there’s no other way….

I sure wish Hugh was here right now. I have had to make some tough, not so comfortable decisions as of late. They are decisions that I would rather have pushed aside till another day but I had been pushing those same things around for years. Carrying them with me, jumping over them, going around them…. doing most anything to avoid them. Here’s the thing… those things that we know that we must, should, could do to make our lives more of what they are supposed to be, they just keep popping up.  They pop up over and over until you ;put them to rest.

Although there is a discomfort in making tough decisions, here is another thing that I know, I know with all my heart.  Even when life gets tough, I know that if I look back into my history I know that I have always found my way. I have found my way because I TRUST the God of my UNDERSTANDING TO MAKE ALL THE CROOKED PLACES STRAIGHT. (That was one of Hugh’s fave sayings)

When I can not see my way, then I just kneel, look up and say thanks for making a way where there is no way.  And low and. behold I see the path in front of me. I was so reminded of that today when I got a surprise call from a teacher friend who knew me when.  She so sweetly reminded me of where I was not so many years ago and she reminded me of the faith that I had and still have to face all things that come my way.

It is so precious to have a reminder of what was and what is yet to be and there is NO accident that God sends those sweet people at just the right time.  A song from my youth keeps popping in my head and I can remember singing it with that big ole heavy baptist hymnal and it comforts me now. TRUST AND OBEY, FOR THERE’S NO OTHER WAY …. TO BE HAPPY IN JESUS BUT TO TRUST AND OBEY.

Thankfully I have been able to see the fruits of Trust and Obey and I believe that it will not fail me now!!!!


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