Accentuate the Positive

KS-blog_79_forwebAccentuate the positive… eliminate the negative…. I think I remember this phrase from a children’s book Maybe the Jungle book, but I digress. I have found that in life and in social media I speak more about myself when I criticize, rather than bring attention to the object of my criticism.

When I am tempted to say a negative I remember all the wonderful humans doing it right so I focus on them. When you are tempted to point out a negative, look to your right and to your left and find someone doing something wonderful and give them praise.

As I write this I admit when listening to speakers and reading authors, I do love to share my thoughts with my safe space. Even as I write this I think about the amazing orators and teachers who took the TEDX stage this week. 9 people, just 9 people were chosen in a field of over 160 plus.  Whether I resonated with all of them or not, I learned from all of them. What I also know, I brought my own thoughts and prejudices to their message, I listened through the filter of my life.

While my life filter is MOSTLY…. well really really MOSTLY positive, I find it uncomfortable to listen to folks that are not positive. I DO HOWEVER LEARN SOMETHING IN EVERY CASE, COMFORT OR NOT.

I can not help but believe that my happiness is in part because I have learned to give the negative its proper place, a place of learning and of growth. I have also learned that pointing out that negative to others is not my place.  So I ask that God teach me to continue to find the light in others and pay attention to the board in my eye and not the speck in theirs.

These are my happy thoughts on a rainy day with a house full of boisterous children and heart full of love. And so it is.

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