A Dose of my own medicine… Belief… Beachy love note April 2019


“I love messages that step on my toes and take me straight to Jesus” ~ Lysa Terkeurst

Dear sweet precious loving Beachy Beachers!!!!

I finally did it!!!  I finally took my first action step to write my book.  I gathered at my table with a team of women who believe in me more than I believe in me.  Truthfully my belief is not so much in me but what I believe God can do through me. I AM NOT SELF ASSURED, RATHER GOD ASSURED. There is this STRONG pull, this very strong pull for me to share what I have inside and it will not let up!!!

I admit, I am a little scared…. OK I am a lot scared. But I am more afraid of not doing what I feel called to do. A sweet friend reminded me that she remembered seeing me sitting on my bed when we were around 13 or so and I was surrounded by books and I was writing. I have always wanted to write a book that shows people how much wonder they have inside, how wonderful I think they can be if they just believe it. Well I guess it is my time to take a dose of my own meds!!!!

As we gathered around the table I was swept up in emotion and cried from a deep place, I shared that MY DREAM was  to write a book that would help someone feel the way I felt when books saved me. Oh how they saved me when I was a young girl who was lost and did not want to be what I saw before me. I wanted more. I want someone to read and believe that they can reach higher than they can imagine  and there is faith, there is love, there is forgiveness and there is happiness. WE all can have it, we really can.

In the pages of books,  I read that humans withstand great ods, defy logic and teach others to do the same.  THEY ALL DO IT BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE THAT THEY CAN AND THEY LOOK TO SOMETHING FAR GREATER THAN THEMSELVES.  I am believing that now. I am taking all that i have prayed, learned and believed since 10 years of age and I am doing it!!! NOW!!!

That same day that we were going over all the years of love notes and other writings of mine, Lysa Terkeurst posted this:  (And I have to believe she posted it for me)… BY THE WAY THE UPCOMING CAPS ARE ALL MINE, BUT OF COURSE YOU ALREADY KNOW THAT..

“I love books, I love getting lost in them. And I love finding myself in them. I love authors that put to words what I am feeling but can’t quite express myself. I love messages that step on my toes and then take me straight to Jesus.

My shelves are full of pages in chapters in books.

But you know whose book is missing in my life. YOURS.  ( I PUT THE CAPS BECAUSE FOR REAL, FOR REAL, CAPS ARE NEEDED HERE)

That message that has been stirring in your heart and nipping at the edge of your dreams? The one that you know you are supposed to write but haven’t known how to start….. Its time.  ( OH LORD YEP, IT IS TIME)

On that fateful tax day, April 15….. highlighters, post its,colored markers, tears, memories of notes piled upon years of tragedy and triumph, more tragedy and more triumph and lots of love, lots and lots of love. A plan. A bunch of hope. More tears.  Am I really doing it? Yes we are doing it. The only way I am doing it because I have a story to tell and it must be told because I am the only one that can tell it. The only way I am doing it, because once again, I am surrounded by love that is so much bigger than me. So much bigger than I deserve and because I am believing all those things and voices that tell me…… “ You can do anything you set your mind and heart to…. Now hop to it!!”

I am so thankful for all of you. Thanks for believing in me and reminding me to take a dose of my own medicine of belief!!!!

I adore you!!! I so appreciate you!!! I so love you!!! Oh how can one girl be surrounded by so much love!!!!!

Karen Key Smith

Ps. I still can not find my keys, or glasses, or… or …. Or but I can find bunches of love and hope all the time!!!!

pps. Thanks to Erica for finding that awesome instagram post that was written clearly for me and teaching me what a pps is!!!!


2 thoughts on “A Dose of my own medicine… Belief… Beachy love note April 2019

  1. You are awesome❣️
    Have often wondered when you’d become an author and so thrilled to cheerlead you on this lovely journey!

    1. That is so very very kind of you!!!! I am doing lots of happy laps of praise and prayer to make this happen!!!!
      The more folks that love me to that finish editing line the better!!!

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