Dear Hugh… You get a front row seat!!


Dear Hugh,

One of my sweet friends who owns a magazine came to see me today and talked to me about writing an article on grief. You remember that magazine that wrote the sweet article about you and I raising our sweet babies?  As we were speaking I could see that she knew of grief because her compassion for me was deep in her eyes.   I KNEW THAT IF I TALK ABOUT GRIEF THERE WILL BE EQUAL PARTS GRACE IN MY MESSAGE  That has been this last year for me. Grief and Grace, both reminding me that I am NOT walking this alone and that in my darkest moments God shines a light that can only come from the highest place of love and I am LIFTED.

I love Easter, It is so filled with GRACE, REDEMPTION, RE-BIRTH and NEW LIFE. It was only appropriate that I finally started putting my book together.  I know that would make you super proud.

We sure will miss you this Sunday and I wonder if I had known would I have spent more time sitting right beside you? Would I have taken more pictures of you and I together? What would I have done different?  I want to remember that last Easter and all I can remember that it was a beautiful time. I loved forming  a circle (Circles are the best, they bring everyone in)  and saying a prayer and being so thankful to stand there with family and friends and feast on food and love.  I do remember it being a very JOYFUL day!!!

The cool thing for you is that you get a front row seat to all the heaven celebration!!!  You get a front row seat to what love does in the life of those who let it in. You get a front row to the power of forgiveness, the power of letting go and Letting God. You get a front row seat to the absolute power of a love greater than all of our sins. If you could….. give Jesus a big hug and tell him thanks for the sweet life that he gave us together. Thank him for the sweet life he continues to give me and all the love and health and adventure.

I just want to say thank you because I know that I have been blessed and I don’t see that changing if I keep looking up and reaching out and thanking….. lots of thanking!!!

Oh just so you know, Lacey has gotten more smarty pants and more precious and we spend time taking about you and being grateful for you. Your kids, our grands, our daughter and Gary are making sure we remind ourselves of all the Hugh-isms that make us smile. People half smile  and kind of tear up when we talk about you…. you touched us, oh so many of us.

If I don’t talk to you again, Please enjoy your Easter with a front row seat!!!!

Loving you and so honored to have been your wife!!

Kay-still running

ps.  I have done many hard things lately.

pps.  Your sister, my sister now… Ernie and I are going to go on a trip!!!

pps. You will not be surprised that Carl and Erica continue to be a HUGE part of this loving village and I would. be lost without them.

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  1. Thanks Rob for always being so affirmative to me!!! I know how much you loved Hugh and how much he loved you!! You really helped me walk through those final days!!! I can not believe it is almost a year since he was diagnosed and how quickly our lives changed. I sure wish he was here but so thankful he once was!!! He sure changed my life.

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