My Anniversary Gift!!!!

“What I call the depth of generosity is when people are very fond of giving away what they need most themselves.” ~ Oscar Wilde

Let me first start by being so on top of the world over the moon honest….. I am freaking to the freak out!!! I mean I am almost embarrassed to tell you my level of freak out. Erica and I are going to see Jen Hatmaker in her and Kelly Corrigan’s Tell Me More tour.

It is not just that we are going, as that would be well enough to rise the freak out monitor to the top!!! It is not just that we are going to meet Jen and Kelley and hear Shauna Niequest,

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as well. NO that alone is enough to be so excited about, but let me tell you how and why we are going.

First a little back story and there will be more on this later, Wednesday is my anniversary date to my sweet husband Hugh.  I have shared with my friends that I have one regret after his death, one area I feel that we fell short on (besides me keeping a TIDY garage) and that was we failed to celebrate anniversaries as we should. We began taking them for granted and did not give them the honor the we should have. Like many couples, we got complacent and kids, life, kids, life, work, kids, life, life, all got in the way. I think many of you can relate.  WARNING… IF YOUR SPOUSE IS STILL WITH YOU . STOP DOING THAT NOW, BEGIN RIGHT NOW TO HONOR AND CELEBRATE THAT DAY FOR IT IS SACRED.

So as you can imagine as that date looms near I am thankful that I was so blessed to have my husband but I do know that this may be a tough day to navigate. I feel as though this grief journey has been a twisting together of sadness and grace with grace winning the race most times.

As GRACE would have it , Erica decided to JUST ASK, She decided to JUST TELL my story.  She knew how very much this would mean to me to see this woman whose books I have devoured and whose books helped me through this grief trail with inspiration and tons of laughter.  So as you may already have figured out they graciously invited us to be a VIP at their event.

So this Wednesday May 15… most sacred day we are going to bask in meeting these amazing ladies who are impacting the world of so many. I don’t think I will be able to speak at all!!! I think I will just be thankful for the biggest hug ever filled with all the energy that goes into her special brand of loving others.

Yes Erica arranged it all, Jen and Kelly and their team are making it happen but I just can not help but believe that Hugh and the big fellow are really the instigators in this event. I believe that they are smiling at me with the holiest of smiles and telling me to stop regretting something that I can not change.  Just be here NOW and enjoy here NOW and be thankful for all the days and not fret over the one day.  Live and love in this day.

By the way I have already picked out an adorable dress and boots… for Petes sake, we are going to Texas….


2 thoughts on “My Anniversary Gift!!!!

  1. I’m SO very Happy for you Karen!!! What an amazing and meaningful experience this will be. And as far as Celebrating your Anniversary… you and Hugh celebrated your devotion to one another everyday with the love, respect, adoration and joy you had for each another.
    Not everyone has that….this is how you celebrate a union of Marriage. Daily ❤️ Love you ❌⭕️ Carrie

  2. Yes my sweet friend!!! WE did celebrate each day and treated each other with devotion and kindness but if I could change one thing that would be it…. so I want other couples to remember that day and honor it.

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