Let me be… musings from that first sip of coffee.

Let me be like that first sip of coffee!!!! Full of taste and warmth and possibility!!

Let me know that I will be able to to write great words that fall on ears that want to hear them.

KS-blog_18_webLet me find that thing in life that only I am supposed to do, the gift that you have given me to share with others.

Let me believe that in spite of the fear and the pause, I will find my place in this world that is mine bold, proud and hopeful.

Let me always love others fiercely, and unashamed and believe that we are all God’s kids flaws and all…. especially flaws.  Those flaws help us reach for you.

Let me let go of anything that is holding me back from my best version of me.

Let me let others do what they need to do to get where they need to be so that they can be their perfect place in this imperfect world.

Lord, just let me be what you need me to be so I can do what I am put here to do with grace and love and a hopeful and happy heart.

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