Pump up the Jams!!! Orange Theory Fitness.

karenandlindseyI just have to say that I already love Orange Theory Fitness and I dare you to go there and find one person that is not on the upside of amazing!!! There is the best energy exuded by the staff and their ability to light you up is through the roof.

When I first started going it was right before I found out that Hugh was sick and it became my refuge, my therapy, my one hour that I could forget the trauma and sadness that was whirling around me. Not only did I get a mental break but because of the perfect workout and all the changing formats I found myself shrinking in size but growing in mental acuity.

So what made tonight so great!!! First of all it is set up to be a challenging  but perfect work-out  experience. Go Go Go whoever came up with this concept. I appreciate you!!!  Lindsey first all is a bright and bubbly precious girl…. and did I add that she is quite the little person like me and I can actually look her in


her bright eyes and can see her smile right at her level.  So Yes I am partial perhaps. But she is also a GREAT teacher and spends her regular year time enhancing the lives of our little ones.  She is good people. I love her energy.

So if that was not enough tonight we had the best jams!!! I felt like I was back at a party in the woods of Enterprise. The music made me smile through those Pushes and All outs and I still was smiling as I left the place. Why oh Why do we humans not stay consistent with things that make us feel so good???

I wanted to take a moment to thank Lindsey and all the other sweet staff for giving me such a wonderful place to lose myself in the music and the energy and at the same time I think I may end up looking a lot cuter!!! LOL

Feels so good to move!!! It is hard not to be a happy ass with good jams and sweet people.

 ps. I may have danced a little bit on the treadmill!!!


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