The Beautiful No

“Many masters have told us that the most important decision we will ever make is whether or not we choose to see the Universe as benevolent. That decision will shape our lives, as will many others.” ~ Sheri Salata

My precious friend Angie, bought me this book.  I love it when. friends knows the deepest beautiful nopart of you, the part that seeks to learn and grow and reach. Angie knows that about me and she was right on in her thinking about this book. I did not read it right when she gave it to me but oh when I did…. It stayed in my open hands and heart till it was devoured and studied.

I don’t want to spoil it if you are not aware of who this Sheri is. Suffice it to say that she worked for one of the most powerful and influential women in America.  Sheri shared that she had an amazing career but had failed to have an amazing life, or something such as that.  She shares with us how her greatest things and events came after some really big NOs!!!!

I resonated with her and her belief in the powerful impact ENERGY has on our life. We are all energy, it is up to us to put out the kind of energy that we would want echoed back to us.  I have always had a great capacity to feel the energy of another.  I loved the energy of this book and the relevance that it has on my life at this time, the perfect time, the perfect moment.


I read it just when I was supposed to.  Now do yourself a favor especially if you are a woman who is reaching beyond where you are now, you maybe want more, maybe less, so read Sheri’s account of how she found more of what she needed.

Happy Reading!!!  What is your no that lead to your big YES?

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