Dear Hugh, the moon follows me

Dear Hugh,

I came to a retreat in Austin thinking I could escape the moon and its power but lo and behold it follows me wherever I go. I guess that is the way of it. And truth be told I am glad that it does. It carries far more light and joy than sadness even still.

moon in AustinYou would absolutely love this place.  I am in the garden room and right out front is a garden with all kinds of plants and herbs with big fancy names. Of course you would know all of them and how to pronounce them and I just call them those pretty red ones and the nice smelly yellow ones.

I started dinner off right with a cappuccino with half and half. All after that was just an after thought and a happy afterthoughts at that.  I so wish you were here and I know that it would receive a high approval rating but…. there is one thing. There is NO smoking.  I think there is a place way back away from everyone where people smoke.  You know how we used to kid that the smoking area was behind the dumpsters.  Oh how I wish when I think wishing would work that you could have beat that demon.

I don’t spend too much of my time belaboring that thought but I will say the smell of cigarettes is not a happy smell for me.  I do however still enjoy the moon in all its states from waxing to waining and all points in between. I imagine you up there relaxing and free of anything in life that might hinder your peace.

I came here all by myself. They asked me if I wanted to sit at the friends table at dinner tonight but I opted for a cup of coffee, my kindle and delicious food and just me. It was perfect, well almost perfect, you know what I would have if having was mine to acquire it.

I am going to a really cool church tomorrow made for the love hippie in me so I am super excited about that.  That is another thing I loved about you, you never went to church, you did your worshipping on the back porch. But you loved that I did, you thought it was so sweet when I came home gushing about how joyful I was after a shared group worship. There is just something lofty and wonderful about praising and celebrating a Jesus led life with others.  The real Jesus led life, where you love people, all God’s people, you may not like all of them but you love them especially the hard to love. We agreed on that so deeply.

I need to get to sleep, who am I kidding I will read for a few hours because I can and wake to a day of worship and holiness and joy.  We miss you so much.  All of us do and we still find it hard to talk of you without a catch in our throat but the catch is more of a welling up of love because you were so easy to love.

I am so thankful you departed in such a way to make the moon the light that leads me everywhere I go.

Loving and loving and loving,


ps. Brent is buying me jewelry so don’t worry about me.

pps. Ha ha I am buying jewelry too but trying to be frugal this month, yeah right!!!!

pps. Remember when you gave me a credit card when we got married and I said I would use just for emergencies. Funny I found lots of emergencies!!!


One thought on “Dear Hugh, the moon follows me

  1. Yah, Hugh Smith – I miss your wise counsel, your deep, educating and kind voice. Mostly I miss you being with Karen. I know you will always be with her, but I want you to know that as long as God lets me stay around, I’m gonna be the best friend I can and that certainly includes buying her jewelry. You know how she just gets so happy!!! I hope you are in the most beautiful place ever, continuing to help others and leading people forward. I know by now you have met my kind/gentle Daddy and are great friends. I’m sure you all have had some great times too. Miss you, friend. Love and Light, Always!

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