Make it your vision!!! Your talents are there! Beachy Love note July 2019

“Without vision the people perish!! But make it your vision- that is where your talents wait. ~ Karen

You have heard, “Without Vision the People perish ( The Bible),l but adding on…. make sure it is your vision. I don’t know about you but as I enter into another new and bold phase of my life, I find myself falling into the comparison trap!!!  I know, that I know. that I KNOW, that comparison is the thief of creativity and it breeds fear. There is NOT one thing, NO  not one thing that comparison can do for you.  Comparison is a choke hold on creativity!!!! Your creativity, your vision, the one that was meant just for you.

moon photo blogI was pretty adept  when I used to play golf about not comparing myself to others, I just tried to be better than my former self.  Golf is not an easy game and it tends to be frustrating seeking of one more good shot!!  It is tough and it leads to much cussing.  so I knew I was not ever going to be a great golfer and I had no vision or hope of that so I just hit the ball when I could and enjoyed the rest.

I am having the best time writing and adventuring with my  blog but, I am finding myself judging my every word. I find myself looking at what others have done and I know in my heart that if they can, I can too!! It has been the anthem of my life telling all of you that you can do it.  How many times have you heard me say, what are you telling yourself? What are you speaking out loud and in your heart? And even closer to home, what am I saying to myself?

Just like golf, which as I said I was not so good at.  I was however  always better when I went back to the basics, stance and grip and swing!!!  My basics for my life and a life that is full and is reaching out of my comfort zone is one of extreme unrelenting gratitude.  I have  an extreme practice of visualizing and speaking that which I  want in my life.

I love this that I read in a GREAT book, CHOP WOOD, CARRY WATER: “If it rains, bottle the water and sell it, If crap falls from the sky, package it and sell fertilizer. If it is sunny, plant a garden. Use what you and you alone have been given.

I know that I have been procrastinating on writing my book, I write a page, I erase a page, I judge a page, then I look at what others have written and I try  for just a moment, to talk myself out of my vision. But it is my vision and I love it and I want to share it so I am going back to my basics and that is saying over and over, praying over and over that which I want in my life. I am thankful for every single thing that has brought me here.

I am most thankful for the rough patches and the rugged hills I have climbed because they assure me that I did it and I can again.  The vision I have MUST be  mine and mine alone and the success of others does not diminish my ability to write and to share, rather it  tells me that I can  and I will.

I see myself sitting in  my coffee shop, sharing delicious cherry pie and steaming coffee with you, discussing my book or maybe one of your fave books.  I see myself thankful for a long time that I have ahead with  so many of you to love. I see myself living a life that is authentically mine with a vision that God has just for me.  I see myself signing my book and being so happy that it makes people happy to read the words that may inspire you to find your vision too!!! Make it yours!!! The world needs it, I need it.

All my love and all my heart and all my faith!!


ps. The moon is full tonight and about a year has passed and my writing and my life has become more vulnerable and open as I find that is where all of the good gifts are.  In the heap of our pain and our failings and our longings.  Lord let me use it to help others as I walk this precious path of life.

pps. I did not want to hit send on this love note but sending it in faith.

ppps.  I love ps’s about as much as I love exclamation points.

3 thoughts on “Make it your vision!!! Your talents are there! Beachy Love note July 2019

  1. Write the book and quit second guessing yourself! Love you Mama Bear or should I call you Moon Mama? LOL Marc

    1. Ha I love that Moon Mama!!! Yes you and LIndy are on my butt about that and I am listening. I think I keep missing comments. I will have to get Candi to teach me better!!!! LOL

  2. Karen,

    Thank you for your thoughts. It’s always an encouragement to me, starting in a new career, to read how you too are facing new challenges head on.

    Onward and Upward!

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