Love continues to Lift Me!!!

“Love lifted me, Love lifted me…. when nothing else would do, love lifted me. I love that hymn from childhood and when I am in need of a spiritual boost from the Holy Spirit, I sing that song in my head. It never disappoints because love is that power that can and will lift us and take us where we need to be with ease and grace. And so it is.”

This was my post 2 years ago, 2 days before Hugh took flight.  I think I knew that it was any day now for him to leave us. He was already gone, we were just waiting for his body to catch up to his spirit.

So many things have changed since he left us but the main thing has remained the main thing.  That was one of his fave sayings, make sure you keep the main thing the main thing.  I had to remember that today. I was faced with a battle somewhat if I would let it but I will not let it.  Although on the surface the challenge is a worldly attack and something that I have to stand strong in, I know that if I focus on what is right and pure and decent, it will take care of itself.

If Hugh was here he would tell me, not to worry, give it to God, How important is it? and Let Go and Let God. I am doing all those things and because Love does continue to lift me, I will lay my head on my pillow and give the outcome to God. I know that my job, my only job is to stand firm in what is kind and respond with Love. That has never failed me yet. hughholdingme

This continues to be one of my favorite pictures of Hugh and it was such a fun night. He had so much fun watching the surprise on my face and the love in the room. Most of the love radiated from him!!!  He was always so proud of me!!!!  Hard to be unhappy even still when I think on that.

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