What is your Purpose?

Today as Erica and I were working on a webinar for our upcoming job as host of Global Leadership in Prisons, we got more than we bargained for. We always do!!!!! EVERY SINGLE TIME!!!! Whether I am attending a session with our inmates with the hungriest hearts ever, or I hear stories of others whose hearts are open wide I mean wide open, I am CHANGED!!!! I can not look at this life the same. There is more so much more to do!!!

Global Leadership wisely started sharing a series called Grander Vision to depict those individuals that have had their life purpose ripped wide open after attending a Leadership conference. One of these stories today left me shaking and sobbing and smiling and every emotion that comes from a place of knowing the goodness inherent in us when we do EXACTLY what God has called us to do. Our life takes on a meaning and a deep sense of peace that can not be duplicated any other way.

Because I want you to get the whole impact of the story I am only going to tell you a snippet and let you go for yourself and hear and see what this compassionate judge is doing and WHY!!! ( Find your why and you too will be unstoppable)

Judge Paul M. Herbert had been to a GLS and at the same time had been reading A Purpose. Driven Life with his girls. He shared that his daughter quite innocently said. “Daddy, you are doing a great job teaching us this book, but what is your purpose?” He felt so convicted by that prompting and had to ask God what is it you want me to do… What is my purpose? He was a judge who was sentencing many women for prostitution and realized that many of these women were more victim than criminal, not much different than those trapped in sex trafficking and human slavery. They were a product of generations of abuse and other life choices that had them caught in a life of crime that was more victimhood. He found his purpose, he wanted to change this horrible scenario.

This kind and tender judged convicted by his daughter’s question and a spiritual nudge from GLS started a probation program called C.A.T.C.H to help women escape prostitution. He asked God to help him be more significant in his work!! He saw that it was a revolving door for these women and 96% percent of them were runaways!! Most of them had been sexually abused by 8 years of age. There are many more statistics that are staggering and sobering but lets get to the good part, the purpose driven life part!!!

CATCH stands for Changing Actions to Change Habits and this probation program instituted by this judge does just that!!! It is a 2 year intensive program that is a trauma informed approach that teaches them a new way to live and give them resources and support to change their lives……. and get ready for this part!!! Get ready!!!! This kind hearted judge instead of saying, What is wrong with you, learned to say what has happened to you?

He looked in their hearts and found a way to change their lives. We can do that too!!! In our own way, we have the ability to make life brighter and sweeter for others. Ask God what is it he is nudging you to do, pleading with you perhaps. I promise if you fill your life up with love for others you can not find any time to be unfulfilled!!! If you want to know more of this story please look up. Grander Vision: Judge Paul M. Herbert- C.A.T.C.H Court- Global Leadership Network.

Dear God, continue to show me your purpose for my life so that others can find their purpose too and so it is!!!!

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