Multiply my Hallelujah

“God of mercy sweet love of mine, I have surrendered to your design, May this offering stretch across the skies, These Hallelujahs be multiplied,”

I was so fortunate to LIVE my #presentoverperfect life and visit my grandson, as he says, my number 1 grandson, he was my first.  I loved being with him and watching his interaction with his community, his Jersey family and most especially his church.  I marveled at his talent and could not believe the depth of his poetry and writings.  I was so very thankful that at 15 he has not fallen prey to a life of drugs and alcohol as I have witnessed more times than I want to count.

Going with him to church was one of my fave highlights of my trip and while singing one of the praise songs I had to take a picture of this verse because it hit me straight in my heart. It reminded me of what I am and why I am here.  I believe I am here to raise my Hallelujah and thus it multiplies, not just for me but for others.

As I am working on my book, or rather talking more about it than actually doing it I am so aware of my self talk. Self Talk and affirmations and strong bible verses have always been my life tools that have made me push through and rise above anything that has come my way. But I have not used to its full capacity as I work on my book and do the things that my heart is urging me, compelling me, and almost hollering (in a sweet way of course) for me to do.  So when I read this phrase of this song it reminded me that all those things that we say are so important, whether out loud or to ourselves.  I forgot who said it but I love love love it!!  “If your self talk was put on a screen for all to see would you be proud of it?”  Wow!! Now that stings.

As I sat in church and sang old hymns and some contemporary songs they all had a common thing, we are so full of grace and light and love and all the things that we need. The world needs exactly what we have inside. No holding back!! Bring it forth into the light. And for me I will keep singing those songs till I believe them deep down and not just on a surface level for the moment, fell good!!!

I pray that today, you raise a Hallelujah for all that you have been blessed with but not just that, raise a hallelujah for all the road blocks that you have already found a way around and through. And most of all raise a Hallelujah so that others though you will see theirs multiplied.

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