Dang my… Add whatever.

I tend to think of lots of things while blow drying my hair but I do try to see how long I can go without washing it and keeping it in waves because frankly I just do’t want to make the time. PLUS IT IS FUN TO SEE HOW LONG I CAN GO AND IT IS MORE TIME FOR READING AND WRITING. But that is not what I am here to talk about. As I was blow drying my hair, I caught myself saying, “Dang, my hair grows so fast!” insert sad face emoji!!! ALL OF A SUDDEN  IT HIT ME, IT SHOULD BE, “DANG, MY HAIR GROWS SO FAST!!!” INSERT HAPPY FACE, GRATEFUL, THANKFUL, APPRECIATIVE EMOJI!!!

So many times it is how we say things and how we feel them that helps us be thankful. I thought about all my friends who maybe don’t have a lot of hair and wish they did. I think about all my friends who have lost their hair due to chemo!!! I think of all my friends who have a disorder as to not even have any hair. For Petes sake, I have a head full!!! Lots of it, SO  the idea that even for one single second I would think that I wish it did not grow so fast is ludicrous. I right away switched it to gratitude and thanked God for my hair and the fact that I have to get it cut so often. I switched it to….. rather than I have to get it cut, I am so  thankful that I am able to go and get it cut.

Ha, I just thought of another blessing in this, I am able to bless the folks that do my hair. I get to go out and see people I may not get to see. SQUIRREL, I love being a girl because last night some sweet girls were loving my highlights so we got to be excited about that.  Sorry, if you are guy, you will not get it but you girls get it!! OKAY BACK TO TOPIC!!

What is it about you that is really a blessing and you find yourself not thinking as such?  I remember one time as. a young girl and I was complaining about my big thighs,, yep I have always had them.  My dad, we called him Curt said, “Honey you need to thank the Big man upstairs for those legs, they carry you wherever you need to go”. Well Dang!! He was so right and every time I almost complain about my ample thighs, I remember that and I turn it around and thank God that I have legs!!!

I HAVE FOUND THAT I HAVE SO MUCH, SO MUCH TO BE GRATEFUL FOR. Sure I can find something I don’t like, if I look for it but if it is all the same to you, I would rather not. I do have to get back to fixing my hair, however so I can use my ample thighs to gratefully clean up my house!!! HA HA I MAY HAVE TAKEN IT TOO FAR, I AM STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS.

What is your Dang my? Fill in whatever it is!!

I sure love to share my heart, all of it with all of you, thanks for loving me ample thighs and sometimes my thick  dirty hair!!!

2 thoughts on “Dang my… Add whatever.

  1. Mine is my hair too…I don’t have mounds and it is baby fine….but my hairdresser keeps it a great color and others often compliment it. So thank you for my flighty hair ….it civers my head and usually looks passable…oooooo so tankful to have hair, to be able to afford to keep it colored, and be healthy enough that the state of my hair can even be a concern 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

    1. I have to keep a good job to keep up with my hair!!!!! I keep my hair fellow in a home and a car!!! One time when I was in high school I died my hair and got in a pool and it turned a lovely shade of bright green!!! It matched my outfit that I wore to work at the local Pasquales Pizza place!!!! SDooooooo I will always work hard to so I can keep my hair in the manner of which it is accustomed. LOL

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