Dear Hugh!!!! So Much More

You are not hidden
There’s never been a moment
You were forgotten
You are not hopeless
Though you have been broken
Your innocence stolen
I hear you whisper underneath your breath
I hear your SOS, your SOS
I will send out an army to find you
In the middle of the darkest night
It’s true, I will rescue you.  Rescue by Lauren Daigle

Hey Honey,

I have not written you in quite a while.  Of course you and I talked quite a bit especially on that last full moon. Wasn’t it the best? It  was on the 13th and you know how I love that sweet underdog misunderstood number and the moon was so full of you and God’s presence.

Do you remember when you would say?, “Sweetie, you know had I told God what I wanted out of life I would have sold myself short and God has given me so much more.” THAT IS ALL I COULD THINK OF TONIGHT WHEN I DROVE HOME FROM BIBLE STUDY WITH SHELDON. Yep, you heard me right, I was sitting in bible study with Sheldon, sober as a judge, 9 months plus with an open bible in his hands. It is actually the best place I have ever been to bible study in my life and that is saying a lot because you know this little Christian girl has been to many a bible study in many a place. But nothing I mean nothing beats sitting in  a room full of sober men with hungry hearts for God, tired of being the way they were and reaching and searching for a better life.  God is rescuing them and he heard their SOS!!!!

step3As I drove home I kept thanking God and saying God you really have gone overboard in the prayer answering department and I hope I rise to the occasion and praise accordingly.  I am so grateful, I am watching miracles unfold before me.  Don’t get me wrong, I am also walking through some major challenges and I mean some whoppers but you know what???  In keeping the main thing, the main thing, I am in great shape. God is right where he is supposed to be and showing up and showing out. I don’t have to tell you because you have a front row seat to all the action.

The essence of the study tonight was about Thomas and how although he doubted, Jesus loved him so much anyway. In fact he made sure that he sought Thomas out over the other disciples to show him who he was.  He is not upset when we doubt, we just need to stay in the right rooms and trust those who have trust till our faith is our own. Sounds like the whole program you worked during our time together. Loving others and helping them find that higher power till it is all theirs and stay until the miracle happens.  Make sure you stay with the right people who are helping and loving you and God will not hide himself from you. If you move one step closer, he takes a closer step to you!!!

AS YOU CAN SEE, I was in a prayerful thankful state all the way home!!! I knew I had to write to you tonight to tell you!!!  You would so love The Haven House, it stands for EVERYTHING that you believe!!!

Sweetie, we still miss you so very much but the lessons and the love will never fade because I keep living the light that you left for me!!!!!

with the greatest and the most enduring love!!!!


ps.  Paul got a GREAT job!!!

pps.  Piper is over the top and still dances non stop, Jocey is into conspiracy theories and Jett is playing football and I am trying to understand it all!!!

pps. I just prayed for God to save Sheldon and give him sobriety but he has given us so much more!!!!

2 thoughts on “Dear Hugh!!!! So Much More

  1. Even thou you were writing to Hugh, your message helped me so much this morning.
    I really think God put me in your life, to learn

    1. Hey Kevin,
      I know that God will continue to bless your family this season and beyond. It is amazing how much better life is when we have a savior. I am thankful I don’t know how to live on my own!!! It makes for a better life.
      Keep on keeping on and being a beacon of light. I love you so!!!!

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