Let my imagination be filled with You!!!

Todays affirmation was based on my love note for this month. We imagine all the time so why not let our imagination dream up all the good things that are in store for us on this precious planet, led by an amazing God who has your best interest at heart, ALWAYS!!!!!  Dream away, you sweet ones, let your imagination run wild with all that God has for you!!.It is grand and it is lovely. This is my prayer for you today!!!!!

Dear God,

Let my imagination think of all the things that I can do.

Let my imagination run wild with adventure and hope and lofty dreams.

Let my imagination take me first in my head and then out into the world.

Let my imagination dream and hope and reach and stretch and reach the heights that You God have for me.

Let my imagination reach others with love and kindness and possibilities.

Let my imagination think on what is good, what is pure, what is meant for all good things.

Let my imagination take me to places that I would not go without your grace and guidance!!!

Let my imagination be filled with wonder!

Let my imagination be filled with You.

And so it is.

Loving you this day!!!



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