A Peaceful Heart, the best Gift EVER!!!!

From my Heart to yours!!!

“A heart at peace gives life to the body.” -Proverbs 14:30

Thoughts on this day before Christmas Eve:

I have learned over the years that my peace and happiness hinges on my ability to let go of things that I have no power over. I have learned that harboring resentment or anger towards a fellow does not harm them, but it does harm me. That is why my special brand of getting even is what I live by. In case you don’t know, this is it in a nutshell, “The only people we have to get even with are those who have helped us.”

I have found in my 60 years that my heart is full of those who have been kind to me and have helped me. To give attention to the few who have not is a travesty and not a good use of my time on earth or a good use of the storage of things held in my heart.  

Sometimes, life gives you surprises that are not the kind you wish for, but it has been my experience that love always shows up just when needed.  There is nothing in this world that is true of value that can be taken from you if you keep your mind and heart settled on what you believe. I believe God is good and that people want to be good, but we fail at times, and we pick ourselves up with the help of each other, and we try harder, or maybe we try less. We just let go and let God.

It has been 18 full moons since my husband, the kindest man on earth, left us. I was and still am so grateful for the gift of his life while we were able to enjoy it.  I am not sad when I think of him and the fact that he is not here this Christmas because I am concentrating on all the full moons, all the Christmas Eves, and all the normal, ordinary days that he made not-so-ordinary.  My heart is light and full at the same time because it is filled with the peace of God and the gifts of this life, and there are many.

I hope that this Christmas Season you can concentrate on what is and NOT what is not. I hope you will pay close attention and give gratitude for all those in your life that you need to get even with!!!  Getting even the way the world would have you do so is not a recipe for peace. The ability to let go, truly let go and let God fill you with a peace that is beyond your imagination. It may be the greatest gift you can give your world and yourself.

Merry Christmas and love and peace and light to all!!!

Loving you so,


8 thoughts on “A Peaceful Heart, the best Gift EVER!!!!

    1. Oh Cindy, how sweet of you to stop by. I always remember my friends from First Baptist and I believe the foundation I got there is why I have such a peaceful life in spite of challenges!!!!

    2. I just love hearing from you!!! How sweet of you to stop by. I will always remember all the sweet people I went to church with and believe those foundations have made my life so sweet.

  1. Karen, I so needed this today. I am estranged from my daughters. I have tried once again to restore our relationship. However both have replied that they do not want to see me and more. This breaks my heart particularly at Christmas. Also missing my man who has been gone 66 full moons (I like that thought). And yes, how many full moons we spent in our caravan under the stars. Sending blessings and thanks for sharing. Rhonda 💕

    1. Oh Rhonda!!!! As I go to bed tonight I will remember to say a prayer of healing for you and your family!!!! I also pray that God sends others to love you to fill that gap!!!! I have found that I get love but it seems to NOT be where I expect it from. I am so thankful that you took the time to read my blog. I have a few more to put up about do-dependency and drug addiction as it is so rampant in my family.

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