Be still and NO!!! (Know)

Be Still and NO!!!!!

I was thinking about the Bible verse, Be still and know that I am God and it got me thinking that this year is my year of NO and KNOW!!! I am trying to figure out what all God wants me to do with the 2nd half of my life. Ha Yes, I am 60 so that is rather optimistic thinking I would say. But back to my point.

I really decided or possibly life and God decided that I needed to really slow my roll and not let Yes roll off my tongue this year. I am taking a break from ALL leadership roles other than my company and my family. I think this will be the first time in 20 years or more that I am not the head of at least one charity or committee!!! I really thought I could not do it. I DID IT, I REALLY DID IT.

Last year I said that I was going to relinquish my role as leader of Food4kidz, which you know is my heart. I just could not get the strength to do it last year so it remained on my to do list. So a Heart Cath, the demands of being a 60 year old mom, owner of a couple of companies, blogger and want to be author and I figured out that there was no room in my life for LIFE!!! That was a hard one for me to swallow but I did swallow it and it was not as bad tasting or as difficult as I thought.

The beauty of it, the absolute wonderful beauty of it is that when I finally got the courage to do the thing that I dreaded, it was so freeing. My fellow committee members were so kind and so loving and so understanding that I had to step back. I have to step back so that I can step into what God wants me to do with the next 30 plus years. I told you I was optimistic.

So I sit here at an adorable coffee shop, in an equally adorable down drinking he most delicious cup of coffee and I KNOW that I can say NO!!! I am saying NO this year to many things so I can say YES to myself, my family, my business and my life. God has a great plan for me and I love living in the middle of it and I love living in the middle of it with the most amazing of friends.

Ps. While I was walking along the streets of Nashville I came up with the title of my book and I am so excited!!!! I can not wait to tell you but I better wait till it is finished.

pps. I promised I would write while I was here and guess what that is exactly what I am doing. ( okay I did shop a little too!!!)

ppps. If you are reading this then I most likely adore you!!!

8 thoughts on “Be still and NO!!! (Know)

  1. I love that you’re optimistic. I’m 69 and I know I still have a long long way to go…..I feel it in my heart. Be Still and Know that I am God is one of my very favorites because when I get still….truly still, I can feel the joy and love and I can hear what he wants to give me and where he wants to take me. Write on sweet warrior and enjoy that fabulous city

    1. Dinna!!! Thanks so much!!!! I am working on that stillness stuff but I am actually getting better at it. I am thankful that my life has been so full but it is time to lighten it up a little. I so enjoy writing and pouring out my heart so hope to do more of that and get my book finished and to a publisher soon. Thanks for commenting, it really makes me so happy!!!

    1. Kim, It is kind of crazy because this verse has been going through my head as Knew that that this year I was going to take a step back from many of my responsibilities. I am already busy with my companies and my two young children and I realized that I was that hamster on a wheel and while it was easier to do that at 30, at 60 it is plum insane!! So my level of trusting in God has gone up full throttle as I realize that I can not worship at the throne of busy!!! I can not tell you how much it means to me when people read and share my blog. It is my platform to share God’s love and our love for each other.

  2. Young lady you still have energized bunny in you peace be still enjoy may god bless you keep on doing what’s in your heart

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