Your Warrior Within Hears you!!!

“Do not speak badly of yourself. For the Warrior within hears your words and is lessened by them.” ~ David Gemmell

Today was a wonderful gathering of empowered goal-setting, dreamers, world changers, dynamic, powerful, invigorated, honorable, like-minded warriors!!! The energy in the room was blowing the roof off of limited beliefs. We discovered and affirmed that… WE DO NOT HAVE TO KNOW EXACTLY HOW WE ARE GOING TO DO SOMETHING TO SAY WE ARE GOING TO DO IT, WE LEARNED WE DON’T HAVE TO BE REALISTIC, THERE IS NO CEILING ON OUR BELIEFS AND OUR ASPIRATIONS!!!!

One of the most important truths that I want to share with my sweet happy ass guys and gals is how we talk to ourselves. Talking to others in a sweet manner is important and it is life-giving, there is power in our words to encourage and to lift and bring hope to others. But equally if not more important is how we talk to ourselves. Our minds and hearts are basically one big happy computer that takes in all that we tell it and it listens and it responds by being just what we tell ourselves.

Make this the year that you read affirming books, listen to uplifting music and voices, recite affirmations and verses that give you the edge. The edge to be more of what you were originally created to be. WE use so very little of the abilities that God has given us, we keep it hidden, we are afraid to bring it forth. Let this be the year that you shine ever so bright and that you make sure that you tell that warrior within just how amazing you are!!!

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