The 404 Kitchen, European yummy!!!

A Modern take on Classic European cuisine aka YUMMY!!!

I got great suggestions from folks far more traveled than myself, aka Blair and Erica!!! The 404 Kitchen was so incredible and I told my friends that out of a 10 scale it was a 15!!

I just love beets so for an appetizer, Ruby red beets with amaranth and pistachio butter was a no brainer for me. It was the best beet salad I have ever had. I am now ashamed to serve my beets to Erica and Carl!! But I guess they will never know unless I take them there.

Whenever I go to Tennesse there is one fish that they blow us out of the water with and that is trout and this did not disappoint. Here again it was the best trout I ever had and it was served with something they called salt and vinegar potatoes!!! Man oh man!!!

Check out the menu, and the next time you are in Nashville be sure to check them out. You will need reservations but because it was just me and I ate early I bellied up to the bar and had my refreshing sparkling water since I a proud teetoldler. That is a funny word to say, is it not?

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