Boot camp Booty and the Bounty of Community!!

Lots of love muscles up in here!!!

First off let me explain something that you don’t know about me and when I tell you, you are going to go NO WAY!!!! There is no way. I mean did you hear what Karen said about herself, she has to be joshing? So, my sweet fellow happy ass friends, it is about to get  real up in here. I told you all that this is my year of coming out… Not that kind of coming out. The kind where WE own, I own, who we are at our core.

So here goes, I am not sure if I am an extroverted introvert or an introverted extrovert.  I prefer reading a book to parties, I love running alone, I enjoy alone time and I am not for just idle chit chat for the sake of idle chit chat. I want to go deep or not at all.  I love laughing at and with myself and others. (Plenty of opportunities there) I love to lead others to places they did not dream they could go and I love love love to cheerlead and illuminate their journey.  I love to volunteer my time and my heart for others that need it the most. I love to pray with you and for you. I love to study with all my heart what God has in store for me and I love to hear that from you as well.

This type of who I am at my core carried over into my workouts and fitness routines. I actually loved OTF  because you stay in your own zone as everyone else is in their own zone. They are wonderful and encouraging but you stay in your fitness quest zeroed in on your progress. Even though you are in a group it is really you doing it, pushing it with the help of an amazing instructor.  So that worked for me and it still does I have just not been so good at getting it into my schedule lately. I also work out at a sweet boutique gym as well. It sounds like I am a fitness Junky….. And here we go!!!

I have resisted getting into a fitness group of women/humans, for one I am kind of a NOT SO FIT one more time and two I just wanted to get in and get out and get back to work!!!!! Well, there  is a group of humans, I mean a really cool, a really fun, a really sweet, and I mean really sweet group that works out under the direction of Marla (aka Badass powerful woman with a big heart).  

So another top secret bit of information, I am rather short….., okay terribly short and all machines and exercises don’t fit my vertically challenged body. So while working out,  the other women help me find a way to get it done. They stop and help and encourage and cheer me on. Hey wait, I am the cheerleader. Since when does the cheerleader need a cheerleader?   I guess since the beginning of time. We are all wired for community, we just need to find the right community for us.  

I am not too good at Boot Camp yet, notice I said YET!!! I am going to keep jumping up until I reach it. I mean literally jumping till I can reach, lift jump!!! I can not wait till I can be the one to look at the new girl and say, “ here come with us follow me, you are doing great. Hey don’t worry when I started I could not do half of the exercises and now I can do them all.  Yes, that tire is 50 pounds, bend your knees you can do it!!! “

But before we leave a fun filled, power pushing, muscle wrenching bootcamp, I must tell you about this sweet friend that has always loved me and gives me the greatest squeeze and I love you when she sees me.  I noticed that she was quick to grab her group and say let’s do the 3d set first. When I got to the third group and did all the cardio I got it!!!!  You better watch out LeeAnn I am coming for you!!!! If you sweet girls are reading this, I thank you so much. This new girl who does not have the bootcamp down yet is thankful that you are leading the way. I am also thankful that Erica has been pushing me ever so softly to this amazing group of humans. And yes it is even more fun when I hear Todd Screaming because I really want to but he does it for me!!!!! 

It is so life giving and affirming to lift weights but even more so when we lift others!!! Thanks for lifting me.

Ps. Thanks Martha, Crystal, LeeAnn, Todd, Maria, Morgan, Jade, Jill, Bob, Ella, and Mary( that is a whole nother story)   and all the ones I don’t know yet. I do already see your smiles and encouragement. You are all so kind. You work out your hearts as much or more than your muscles.

Pps. A sore booty is good for you!!!! Or at least I think so.

Ppps.  Erica thanks, just thanks. I adore you with all of my heart and MORE!! Thanks for sharing your friends with Ya Ya.

One of us moans a lot, I will never tell but it starts with L!!!!

3 thoughts on “Boot camp Booty and the Bounty of Community!!

  1. This literally brought tears to my eyes. In the very beginning (when fitness Junky was just a dream) all I ever wanted was to be successful at creating a “safe” space for people to workout. I wanted them to feel welcomed, have fun, laugh, feel accomplished, feel loved and THEN… be the one loving up the new people who walk through the door.
    You never know what people’s thoughts are after they walk out the doors. Thank you for being a part of this amazing group of people. I’m so proud of not only how hard everybody works but also the love that they share for one another. It’s SO much more than just a gym.

    Ps: and yes, a sore booty is good!!!

    1. I am so so so thankful. It was my missing link. I already have a life that is full but God keeps wanting to give me more reasons for health and joy and I found it. I love you and thank so much your heart shows in all the people.

    2. GIRl!!!! I am coming in hot for more tomorrow. By booty, my arms, my tummy… it is all sore and I love it!!! Have to work it, to get it where you want it to be!! Thanks for leading us.

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