Too Legit to Quit… Go Mari!!!

Don’t let what you don’t have stop you, EVER!!!!!

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. ~ Teddy Roosevelt

Don’t you love it when you get to see our fellow world travelers doing amazing things and reaching past their ordinary? But have you also caught yourself saying you would go back to the gym when life settles down? Or i need to be at full capacity to work out? Or my personal fave, I want to get a little more fit before I go to the gym!!!!!! Now that one is quite a statement and I admit I have done and said all of those.

I have a friend I have known for quite some time and it is no secret that she is a full tilt  character and is known for pushing past the pain and getting what she is striving for. She has had the opportunity as of late to really live out that famous Teddy Roosevelt quote.  Mari has been in a boot for many weeks after a painful foot surgery and has been getting around on one of those knee scooters. You would think that would keep her from the gym…. But OH NO!!! Not this girl.  And you would think that she would sit some of the exercises out but OH NO!! Not this girl.

She modified and did what she could do and now today she got that boot off. You see she is in fitness challenge and she did not want to wait. She wanted to do whatever she could with what she had from where she was. Go Mari!!! I am going to be cheering for you. I believe that when we truly dig deep and do whatever we can, God supplies that extra, that EXTRA that makes all the difference.

We were all created to be so much more. WE have it in us. Don’t ever let what you don’t have stop you from doing what you can do. And in doing so you will find out that you too, just like Mari will do ordinary things in an extraordinary way. When we work those spiritual CAN DO muscles it makes us strong in ways we never knew possible. And the best part EVER, we show others they can do it too!!!!

Go Mari Go!!!  Thanks for showing us that surely we can do it too!!!!!  Girl, you are too Legit to quit!!! Take that prize, win that challenge, but WE KNOW you have already won!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Too Legit to Quit… Go Mari!!!

  1. Thank you Karen for believing in me! And I feel totally honored that you thought enough of me to write a blog on me. One of my favorite quotes is “can’t never could”!

    1. Oh honey!!!! I have watched you work so hard and when I saw you staying with it and doing what you could with your set back, now that is a champion. I like to hang with champions!!!

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