Are You Pregnant? And other Questions you best not ask!!

Am I what????

Are you pregnant? Are you sick? Are you tired? You look tired. Just a few things are best kept to yourself. It only takes one time to ask a NON pregnant woman if she is pregnant to cure you OR IT SHOULD!!!! I have determined that unless someone is pushing out a baby and the doctor is cutting  the cord, I am not asking that question EVER!!! I mean EVER, NEVER.

I have a close friend that has developed that after marriage pooch and that question comes at her on a regular basis. She is super sweet but I imagine she wants to SCREAM!!!!  Don’t worry babe, you won’t get that question from me. Nor will you get the other two dreaded questions/statements.

On the same line of reasoning or non reasoning as it were is THIS,  one of my faves. Are you tired? You look tired!!! What the hell, I mean really seriously over the moon what the hell do you expect someone to say to that. Why thanks for noticing.  I was kind of feeling good about myself, thought I was kind of cute, thought my makeup was spot on. But now that you ask, Heck yeah I guess I could be tired.  A sweet friend today okay I will tell you who. Angie had a great comeback for that.  She said that the only way you can get away with asking that question or making that comment is if you follow it with:  “ How about I take your kids for a day, or help you clean your house, maybe cook a meal.” Now if that thoughtless statement was followed by that then perhaps we could still be friends!!!

Something that happened in real-time and in my real world this week emphasized the power of our words in the saying and the receiving..  A friend whom I adore asked me if I was sick. That I looked sick. Mind you I thought I was having a good hair day and was so proud of my lash boost, happy RODAN eyelashes and thought I was this side of adorable. But what did I do? I did the human thing. I disregarded all the compliments and I focused on that one statement. I kept looking in the mirror to see what she was talking about. Thankfully I did not see it, but I sure did carry that with me the rest of the day. Heck I must still be carrying it today since I am telling you about it!!!

So lets flip this narrative. Not only do we need to be gracious in what we say to people, we need to receive what people say to us in a gracious unassuming manor. And if we do assume, let’s assume the best.  I am pretty close to 100 percent sure that all of these sweet peeps are coming from either a place of excitement, a place of concern and care and never a place of ill-intent.  

I am so thankful for the conversations, the sometimes serious, the many times silly but always coming from a place of love from me to you!!!!  Thanks for adding so much value to my life.

Loving you so very much with every bit of me,


Ps. I am not pregnant, I am not sick but I could be tired!!!!

17 thoughts on “Are You Pregnant? And other Questions you best not ask!!

  1. I understand completely. Many people assume I am depressed right now and must be falling apart, however, I am not. Sure, I am sad and missing my sweet Karl but I am carrying on! Karl would not expect me to do anything else. I may look tired somedays but it is because I can’t find a decent mascara and at 60 I have hardly any lashes anymore!🙂

    1. Hey Tina,
      I can not believe I have not seen you yet and that is just WRONG!!!!! Hey I have a great trick for mascara believe it or not I use that Rodan and Fields serum and it really makes your eyelashes so long. See one problem solved. Now the rest of them you and I are going to walk through and pray about!!!!! I so appreciate you reading my blog. I look forward to a day that I can just spend my days writing and discussing books with my friends. One day that will be!!!!

  2. Karen, why wouldn’t you be tired! You never stop, you are like the Duracell bunny!!! MK does have a lash booster too….Us 60 year olds need all the rest we can get, because the younger generation has no idea how we do what we do! Lets show them!

    1. Thankfully I am rarely tired and I guess it is because God knew I needed lots of energy for all the unexpected. blessings coming my way. I sure am not opposed to slowing life up a little!!!! Thanks for always loving me.

  3. You nailed this one. I was smiling and nodding all the way through. Love reading your blog

    Also not pregnant not sick, and not even tired yet(it’s 7:15a.m.😁😍

  4. Oh Goodness! I get the “ are you tired?” Do you feel well? “The Dark Circles under my eyes…those commenting folks should see them without under eye concealer 😉 I admit…I have looked at myself in a mirror and just see those dark circles. But, I have a smile on my face. Maybe others could notice that too….I imagine they intend the comment to show concern. I, like you, allowed the comment to effect me. “ Assume the BEST” ❤️
    Love this picture of you xo

  5. Yes ma’am Angie has a way with words and has certainly brightened many a day for me. She is truly a blessing for my son and our family.

    1. Yes, we have no idea how in the world we made it one day without Angie!!! I have always adored her and to think I am blessed enough for her to work with us!!! WOW!!! Just WOW!!!

  6. Poor Tara got asked when her baby was due and little Adrien was 11 mos old. It was at a job interview, she walked out in tears, I mean balling. Mind you she gave birth back to back, the boys are 13 mos apart, she didn’t get to lose the weight from the other pregnancy so she did have extra belly weight. That comment weighed on her. So I took matters in my own hands, because since Rachelle’s death, I put on 25 lbs. yes, I blame Rachelle and the antidepressants (they do cause weight gain). Now Tara and I are working together to lose our baggage and our junk in the trunk. Lol! She has lost 10 lbs and I have lost 9, it’s a start and slow going but we will achieve our goals, God willing.
    Oh PS…You already know this, I will be happy to take Jocey and Jett, for a day, a week, a month or year. It would give me plenty to do since I don’t work and sit on my Happy Ass at home, maybe that’s why I have junk in the trunk. Lol! 💁🏻
    PSS…I do exercise, I utilize my treadmill and do Yoga 2x a week.

  7. Poor Tara, she went on a interview last year and they asked her if she was pregnant. It upset her so bad she came out crying, really balling. Adrien was only 10 mos old but having babies back to back wrecks havoc on your body. Julian and Adrien are 13 mos. apart. So since I have gained 25lbs since Rachelle’s death, yes, I blame Rachelle and antidepressants (which causes weight gain), and sitting on my happy ass didn’t help one bit. Lol! I decided to motivate myself and Tara to lose weight, she has lost 10lbs and I have lost 9. It’s a slow beginning but happening. We go to monthly weigh ins. I’m back on the treadmill and doing Yoga 2x a week. We are moving in the right direction…YAY US!
    PS…..You already know, I will take Jocelyn and Jett, for a day, a week, a month or year. Lol!

      1. Lol….I thought I deleted one of the post. I had to do a correction on Adrien’s age. Oh well, you have 2 post with the same content. I guess as we age we tend to repeat ourselves. Lol! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂

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