Why Yes it is!!!

Hard to wipe the smile from a happy heart!!!


When I was in Mary Kay about 100 plus years ago, I had a precious director named Mary. I learned much of what I know about business and the kind and loving give back philosophy was reinforced in Mary Kay. I too became a director, not because it was my life’s quest  but because I was having fun, working hard, and frankly selling makeup like it was the last thing I would do on earth!!! Frankly, it was my first run out of poverty!!! I found a way to make a better life for my family and for me. I will never forget the lessons, but more than that I will not forget the encouraging women, but especially Mary.

When I called Mary,  this is how she would answer the phone EVERY TIME: “Why is this the most amazing, the most vibrant, the most effervescent, the most dynamic, the most lovely Karen? And I would answer, “Why yes it is?”  So I heard these positive adjectives each and every time I called her. I have no idea how many times those wonderful words of power and grace ran through my head and straight to my heart!!! I loved it!!  And you can bet your water-proof mascara that I called her often!!!

Well low and behold my husband would do the same thing but he would put it in writing. We got in the habit of coming up with kind words to add on to our addressing each other in our early love notes.  We continued this till he left this earth. It is nearly impossible to have a bad relationship with someone that is always pointing out the best in you and the same is true when you are concentrating on the best words to describe others.

I have found that the  more that I look for what is right with someone or something the more it is right. You really do get exactly what you are looking for and listening for.  I have come so accustomed to having generous assumptions about others that they become that and more. I also have found that if I use thoughtful words to describe others it raises my happy meter, not just theirs.

Mary lost her life to cancer just like my sweet husband so I wonder if they are still using this banter of happy adjectives with each other. I would like to imagine that if she sees Hugh, she would say to him, “Why is this the most handsome, most honorable, the most kind, the most generous and the best husband that ever was?” And he would answer with a humble quiet voice, “Why Yes I was!!!”!

Share your happy words and raise your HAPPY this week.

I know that you sure make me happy, thanks for being a part of this adventure with me.

With the greatest of enthusiasm and love for you,


Ps.  I sold over 1,000 a week of makeup out of the back of my 500 dollar car!!! 

Pps. I was broke but never poor, God and others saw to that. Love lifted me.

5 thoughts on “Why Yes it is!!!

  1. 😊 You are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are downright awesome! I thrive every bit of energy that radiates off of you.

  2. Mary did that every time she called as well….she would say, is this the dynamic beautiful life changing……Becky D….and you know me well enough I would say something shy, like, if you say so….I miss her calls, I miss her. I know she and Hugh are walking around just lifting people up! I love you girl!

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