I Concentrate on My gifts!!! Morning affirmation

We are Fearlessly and wonderfully made!!!

I am thankful that I start my day with Faith!!!!

I concentrate on my gifts.

I focus on doing what I am put here to do.

I concentrate on the gifts  God has given only to me.

I am thankful that I have the ability to learn and to grow.

I am learning to dig deep and to find my deeper meaning.

I am finding ways to be authentic.

I am learning to be still and to know that life is working out a beautiful path just for me.

I know that each of us have a divine calling, a divine purpose and with God’s help I do just that.

And so it is.

Note: When we work in the area of our giftedness we are able to make a huge impact on our world. God has put in each of us a divine plan, a beautiful tapestry to do only what we can do. When we focus on those things that tug at our hearts we are given an extra dose of extraordinary. Use affirmations to affirm that which compells you and you will not doupt when the world tries to throw you a curve ball.

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