Rise to Shine… Repeat!!!

Rise and shine, so you can Rise to shine!!!!

This love note is one I wrote several years ago and it is one of my faves because it discloses all of my heart to you. I use this one when people join my company so they can see who I am and how I feel at my essence. I hope you enjoy and feel the love that was in the pen when I wrote it:

As I write my love notes I tend to spend much of my pen to paper time talking about gratitude and affirmations and the power they have in our lives.  I do that because of all the things in my life I know to be true this is the truest of true. There is so much power in the intent of affirmation and equally true is the power of complaint.  So the question is what do you want?

I know that the world would have you believe that you just need to vent get it off your chest and complain about all the things that do not go your way.  I just DO NOT believe that is true. There is a place for sharing your heart and your frustrations with a friend but it does not have to be the anthem of your life.   And the bigger truth is that most of the things that we are complaining about are not even big things. Most of our complaints about our life are about things that are merely situations and not a crisis.  They are things that when looked at with a brighter focus and belief in the good…. They work themselves out whether we fret or not.  

There was a conversation in my family one day about waking up happy and the fact that I do indeed wake up happy, ready to explore, ready for the day and all the excitement and yes even challenges that it holds. I was pondering why that is and I came up with the conclusion, the very simple but strong conclusion is  that I wake up that way because I go to sleep that way.

I have chosen not to use fretting, venting and complaining as a strategy for life.  I have chosen to know that when things do not go my way it is for a bigger and more divine purpose. Life is not all about me, it is about all of us, it is about the love that we show each of God’s kids. If I am lonely then I find someone else to visit that may be lonely too, if I am hungry then I share a meal with another.  If I start to judge what someone is doing or going through I remember that is their journey for God to get them where they need to be. Each part of our life is preparing us for the next part and it is all necessary the good and the bad.

I choose to bookmark my day with all the sweet faces that smiled at me, all the meals I was able to enjoy, the breaths that I was able to take, the challenges I was able to solve, the feel of the sheets against my skin, the knowledge that I am safe and free and I live in a great community, a great country with a sweet family. I thank God that he gave me another day to be of service and to love others.  I smile right there by myself and think on all that is good and true and I exhale and give the lives of my family that are struggling to a power greater than me.  

There is so much I want to do while I am here on this planet and one of my life’s missions is to share that we really can be happy and peaceful even when all is not well. We can choose to look upwards and sigh and believe that whatever comes our way we can make the best of it.  When I was young and my life was filled with constant struggle I always believed that, “ I do not have control over what is outside of me but I do have all control of what is inside of me” I am so thankful that I kept moving forward and believing that life would be better and better and because of that belief and that the belief and support of so many wonderful people that have been my story.  Thanks for being in my story!!!!

Loving all of you with all of me!!! For as long and as deep as you will let me!!!


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