“Never MInd” saga of the lost purse.

This picture connects to the Lucille Ball in me!!!

Okay on the subject of losing things!!! I do this a lot, and I mean a lot. I have lost so many designer pricey bougie sunglasses that I could open a shop with the bulk of them. If you give me 100 fingernail files I will lose 101 of them!!! I really don’t want to be this way. I want to always know where my keys are and I don’t. I want to know where my 20 pairs of readers are and I don’t. I have even at times left Sheldon on the curb when he was young but that is another story for another day.

But there is one thing that I do not tend to lose and that is my cool. I guess it is because I have had so much practice losing things that I know not to lose it, no pun intended there. I have developed a peaceful approach throughout my life that tells me that the calmer I stay in the face of calamity the better chance I have at a happy life. So I do!!

Luckily I was married to a man, my keeper husband Hugh that was non–plussed at my inability to know where my things were. He knew where my heart was and that was all that mattered to him. Things can be replaced and hearts can not. Even Scotty attempted to bring humor into an otherwise dreadful situation, AS IN- my starter husband flying the coop so many years ago. I was running around per usual squawking, “Where are my keys?, Has anyone seen my keys?” Scotty replied,” Mama I am not surprised because you could not keep up with your husband either.” Thankfully I was far enough on the other side of that malady to see the humor in it. And I did.

I am writing all of this to get around to tell you. what happened to my purse that I thought I had lost or left at a Restaurant in Nashville. But I had to give you some background which is really not needed for those that are close to me.

As I was putting together my messy suitcase that you know will sit on my floor for close to a month or when I need it again which ever comes first—– but back to my purse. I realized as I was putting it all together that my purse was missing with all my money, most credit cards and all bank cards and other things I can not remember. I dug through my never ending back pack and It was no where in that big bottomless pit. So I took a deep breath and said, you have been here before and before and before, so all is well.

Thankfully I always have my license and at least one credit card in my handy dandy phone wallet which is great when I keep up with my phone. Pro-tip: If you have an apple watch you can hit a button to ding your phone. Ask me how many times a day I do that?

As I am traveling to see Scotty which was the main reason for this trip I stuck my hand in my endless back pack and to my surprise there was the handle of the purse I thought was lost. I guess I need to call the restaurant manager and be like Rosanna Rosanna Dana and SAY, NEVER MIND!!!! If you do not understand this reference watch a re-run of old Saturday Night lives with Gilda Radner.

So rest easy, My purse is with me for now and all is well. In fact all was well before I found it. I knew I could replace all of those things. I was already thinking if someone found the money then maybe they needed it. It is cool when you know that if you lose some money or some cards and maybe a purse that you will be just okay!! You know that things are just things and it is really not that important in the day to day of life. I do want to get better about that and I will continue to try to be.a more resposnsible keeper o things but until then I will be just happy. And I am.

Remind me to tell you about the time a few weeks ago when I was sure someone stole my car!!! My only hope was that they would clean it out before they brought it back. I did however run back into the store, shouting NEVER MIND!!!! ( I am embarrassed to go back there right now)

Ps. I was more upset about the lipstick I thought I had lost. Any southern woman knows you can not show up in public without your endless cherry on!!!

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  1. I very rarely misplace things but I did one day at the grocery store, trying to figure out, if I should change my coffee choice, which I did and let me say Community Coffee is pretty darn good, the coffee from the south, Louisiana….anyway, I moved along and went to check my list of what I needed….guess where my list was, in my notes on my phone, I had a short anxiety attack, thinking great, how am I supposed to remember what’s on my list! 🤦🏻‍♀️ Well, I started back tracking, then I hear my name over the loud speaker, saying my phone was at customer service. I headed to customer service to get it. The lady said what a nice picture on my screensaver, is that your husband and children, I couldn’t help but laugh, it was a picture of me, my son Stefan with Jocey and Jett. I said no, that’s my son and my daughters children, my grandchildren. I was happy to have my grocery list back! Lol! Karen, I think you have Queen status for misplacing things….😂

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