Keep showing me your loving kindness!! Morning affirmation.

Keep showing me your love!!!!

Today is my day where I get to be called Ya Ya by around 100 prisoners at a correctional facility that is my other home. It is home because there are people there that love me and depend on me and honor me and allow me to love them and honor them. They are seeking God and his grace and they know more than anyone that God is a God of redemption and healing in ALL things. There is no valley to wide or no mountain to deep to keep his love away from these men. I thank God that he allows me this privilege and that each day that I go, I am made more aware of God’s love than anywhere I go. It is in the darkest of places that I am able to see and experience the illuminating love of God in all his kids.

God you have done such a great job orchestrating my life.

Don’t stop now!!!

Keep showing me your children that you need me to love.

Keep showing me how to better use the talents you have given me.

Keep showing me my weaknesses that can only be healed by your unlimited grace.

Keep showing me how to impart that very grace to the least of these because that is where you work.

You tell me that the weak are made strong, and the strong are made weak. Keep showing me your spirit and your grace in all things.

Keep putting me in places of darkness so I can share your light. Illuminate more of you in me.

Keep showing me your loving kindness so I can share it with others.

Keep showing me your patience as I stumble and get back up strong and bolder and wiser in your truth.

God you have done such miraculous things in the life of my family, your children who you love.

Don’t stop now!!

Keep showing me that unwavering faith in you and your desires for my life.

Keep showing me what you want me to do with the one beautiful life with hills and valleys and all of it. And so it is.

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