The sun is shining and so are you!!!! Morning affirmation.

Portrait of a miracle!!!
  • I have to note that this affirmation was very special to me because I pulled into the very spot where I drove in with a heart in the floorboard and my head and my soul screaming for God to either make my son well…. or take him home. The devastation of addiction and the very life it steals from the entire family is not measurable. It is not something that I can tell you with my words unless you have felt it in your soul. To walk through this dark valley without the power of the Holy Spirit and God’s grace would not be livable. But today, Today with the sun shining and my soul rejoicing, I sat beside my son as I read my affirmation for you dear ones today. He shared his heart with you today, a life that is a miracle, a complete miracle one day at a time. For 30 years I have prayed, praised, knelt and believed and with the same breath doubted that there would ever be a time such as this. And for today we are here with this gift of today and in that I am grateful and it is enough!!!!

The sun is shining and so are you!!!

There is a bountiful and beautiful energy everywhere I go.

As I go about my day people are kind and loving and eager to help me.

I feel loved and empowered to live my best life.

I feel healthy and energetic.

I feel hopeful and happy.

I feel peaceful and assured of the path before me.

I feel a peace in the midst of any storm that I encounter.

I know your mighty hand is stronger than any obstacle I may face.

I feel loved, held up, empowered, strengthened and renewed for this one beautiful day. And so it is.

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