Thank you for the Valley!!! Morning affirmation

Thank You for the Valley- I learned to trust you there!!

Thank you for the valley, I learned to trust you there.

Thank you for the things that I thought I needed, but you knew I didn’t.

Thank you for answering my prayers for my benefit and not always my wants,

Thank you for helping me learn lessons from others instead of the hardest of ways,

But also thank you for the lessons I learned the hardest of ways!

Thank you that I have all of my needs and more of my wants than necessary for a good life- a great life- a fulfilled life.

Thank you for being a God of mercy and kindness and grace.

Thank you that I am put in places and situations that show me that grace is the only way to a life of perfect peace.

I will not find it in resentment or the worlds brand of getting even.

I will not find it in judgement.

I will find all that I need and more than I could ever want living in a constant state of thankful.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you. and so it is.

Just a quick note to those that I love!!!! If you are in the valley right now, don’t languish there, praise there and I promise you will make it through. If you need help, call someone, pray and just don’t give up. There is so much light right around the bend!!!! I promise.

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