Dear Drug Dealer,

Dear Drug Dealer,

First of all I am not mad at you, I am praying for you. I am praying that God takes that hurt in your heart and that pain that allows you to do what you do. God has a bigger and better plan for you.

You have been responsible for so much heartache and I know that you feel it too. I know you wish a better life. I am praying that for you and sending you love where you are. Open yoour heart for it so it can reach you where change can happen.

What you mean for harm, God means for Good.

I am watching and witnessing the change in so many men who used to be your best customers. They are now serving a higher purpose and loving God who loves you too.

I am seeing men repair relationships with their families but more importantly with God who has a great design for their sober lives. He has a great plan for you too!!!! I promise he does.

When you answer that call tonight and the person on the other end, wants and does not want the drugs. He is addicted, he is enslaved and you help him in his enslavement. You can be free. I am praying for your freedom.

You have a mama just like me who loves you and I love you for your mama and love her too. She is most likely bending her knee to save you. I am bending my knee to save you.

I don’t know your name but I know you were not born this way, you were born with a design and purpose. I am praying for you to find that purpose.

In the wake of drug abuse is heartache, death, destruction, fatherless children, motherless children and poverty, and loss of a well-lived life. Grieving parents who have seen their kids motionless, lifeless, and sometimes that comes before death. They are grieving their potential, their growing up, their growing old. their living the life they imagined and hoped for.

I want a better life for you. Please receive this as my prayer for you. I know you are hurting too. I know that hurt people, hurt people. Lost people are lost,. I hope you find your way. God has a better way for you.

In this picture is a sober healthy human who was once gripped and you answered that call and at the same time that he wanted you to, he did not want you to. Don’t worry about him, he is doing better one day at a time.

God’s grace covers everything and everyone, you are no exception.

God loves you and so do I!!!!

Love a mama

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