Seeking Serenity in an Insecure World!!!!

God I have learned to be serene in the most insecure of times, especially those times.

It has been when there was no where to turn but to you that I found unlimited hope,

unlimited resourses,

unlimited joy.

God, I am so thankful that I finally learned there is no such thing as security but there is such a thing as serenity!!!

My serenity does not depend on the day, or the time, or the circumstance, it rest in the belief that all that I need is already here.

It means that all that I have is more than enough and when I share in that there is more than I ever could want.

My serenity was born in the most insecure of circumstances. It came to me when I thought there was nothing left for me. It was at the end of me that I found all of you and that was the best of me!!!

I love how the things we think are the worst of things turn out to be the best of things and the best of lessons and the deepest gifts of life.

I have found the best in people, the best in life and the best of me and the most loving nature of God above .

All of these gifts grew from a time of insecurity in a world that was shaken and by God’s steady hand all is peace and all is well. And so it is.

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