My integrity is my destiny. Morning joy!!!

God help me hold it deep in my heart what it means to be a person of honor,

Gripped by your grace-, walking in mercy, extending mercy.

When I look at my brother, my sister-and I size them up- turn my judging eyes back on me.

Back on me and my beliefs and habits of practicing love and kindness in my words, my actions and my responses.

If there be any value let me find it, if there be any good thing let me point it out,

Just because it is a thought I don’t have to believe it, I don’t have to speak it.

Does it elevate? Does it speak love? Bring hope, mercy or tolerance?

Can I change a life? Foster a dream? Change the course of a fellow traveler towards God’s light?

Let the words of my mouth ring true long after they have left my lips. And so it is.

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