What if your detriments led you straight to your gifts?

“What if the life you really want, the future God wants for you, is hiding right now in your biggest problem, your worst failure, your greatest fear? ~ Mark Batterson

I have really enjoyed reading all of Mark Batterson’s books and one just keeps leading me to another and to another. His books seem to have the theme of trying to NOT be the play it safe kind of person. He talks a lot about how the very things we think are weaknesses can be flipped around to our greatest assets. I could not agree more. We spend so much time trying to run from or change the very thing that God wants us to use in an effort to change the hearts of man.

It is my experience that I rarely choose to step outside my comfort zone, it is usually a more of a pushing and a pulling. Lots of pushing. It is only when my discomfort of staying the same is more uncomfortable than the change that is needed. Why humans are like that? I have not a clue. I think that is a big topic for another time.

Mark Batterson the author of Draw the Circle among others has one of the biggest churches in America (National Community Church) along with the famous Ebenezer’s a crack house turned coffee shop in Washington DC. He has written around 10 books at least and is only 50 so I guess we can get ready for more.

As stated he is one of my fave Christian authors and his writing feels like he is talking straight to me!!!! This is where the victory comes in with his style. He shares that he was quite timid to speak when he first started and was not an extemporaneous speaker. Because of his unsure nature and his timidity and holding back, he was forced to write his sermons out. The result was all the writings that he turned into books!!!!

How cool is that????? His lack of confidence led to a pouring out of his heart on paper that not only were sermons of change and hope but became books whose words we can read over and over.

I wonder what things you and I have that we are so quick to discount or to try to change or to hide from the world? What if, just what if we could use that to make our life better and in turn enhance the life of another?

I use to think I can’t do that someone has already done it but now I just say, Wow how cool someone has done it so I can too!! Why not me? Why not you? Let’s do what we can with what we have from where we are and let’s start NOW!!!!

Loving you just as you are and all that you are and all you were meant to be!!!!


ps. God designed me to be better at talking and speaking straight from my heart. I read and study and pray but many times my friends know what I am going to say as soon as I do!!! I want to be like others who have it together but it turns out this is how God designed me so I decided to just go with it!!!!


2 thoughts on “What if your detriments led you straight to your gifts?

  1. I love what you said, especially on your P.S. This is another one of yours posts that hits home to me. FRIENDS must never be forgotten. And I have so many that I wish I still kept in contact with. Or better yet, NURTURED.

    1. Whenever you take the time to read my thoughts it makes me so very happy!!! Are you on the weekly mailing list of my happy asses? that s the group that gets my blog and affirmation and a note from me weekly? This is the group that my book will go to first!!!!!! If not go to my page and sign up. I am embarrassed that I never remember how to tell people to do it. I just know how to write and share my heart and beyond that, I need lots of help!!! LOL. I really really appreciate your affirming of me. Make sure you check out our Morning Joy show at 7:55 each day Monday thru Friday!!!! Thanks for being so dang sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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