In this season as in all Seasons!!!!

In every season, give thanks!!!

In this season of not knowing keep me close to you to know that is right where you can use me.

In this season of way too much let me let go of what is not needed or does not serve

In this season of many moving parts keep me still in your presence where ALL the answers are

Every season of my life has a purpose and is meant for my growth and enrichment.

I am so thankful for this time even though it is filled with so much that I have to walk through I am learning to be still when I do not know

I am so grateful that all the time spent in prayer and thanksgiving will carry me through anything and everything and everywhere

The anthem of my life in all seasons is praise and gratitude and finding the good.

I know that no weapon used against me can form or prosper.

I know and believe that I am abundantly blessed and that can sometimes look like stress.

I don’t give in to worry or doubt or confusion, I rest in your peace and the belief that you have always helped me figure out all of my life, one day at a time. And so it is.

Note about this affirmation. Because of my position of leadership at my company that I am so blessed by I am also given challenges and surprises along the way. They are not always easy and I have to dig deep and remember that one of my mantras and my commandments is. I will always figure it out!!!!  Because of all these seasons and all these challenges, I have flexed and used spiritual muscles that I did not realize I even had but little by little with much hope, patience, and gratitude all of my life is working out just as it is intended to work out. 

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