Each other!!!

Each Other!!!

God you created me to love you and each other,

You created me to rely on you and live within community,

Together we are stronger, more resilient and more creative, we are MORE of so many things together,

We learn so much from each other,

It is so hard to be vulnerable and let my guard down and admit I need something,

I know now that this is not courage-it is pride.

It is a funny thing that it is in the giving help and equally in the receiving help that there is a healthy balance.

Teach me God- you know I am weak in this area, continue to show the value in letting down my guard and being authentic and open,

Loving each other, encouraging each other, and forgiving each other- I know you love this and so do I. And so it is.

Note about this affirmation/prayer: This picture was taken in January before we had any clue what craziness was around the corner. Little did I know that I would learn the value of community in my health and fitness and then in the blink of the eye that would come to a stand still. I will tell you that I can not wait to have time with these amazingly uplifting and generously committed humans again. I miss them and miss the person I was becoming physically and emotionally. So in effect this affirmation is not just an affirmation, it is I thank you and I miss you!!!!

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