Life’s the School, Love’s the lesson.

God, I know I talk about this a lot

But it is my greatest desire to find ways to love others and love your world

This phrase was Hugh’s bumper sticker-his fave quote about life.

The older I get the truer it is.

It is not just all kinds of people I love- it is all kinds of life I love.

I have loved so many different  things- I have so much to be grateful for

I am finding beautiful lessons and gifts in the most ordinary of life,

When I  add you to the mix  it becomes extraordinary.

I know that I can’t wait for it all to come together to feel joy and gratitude,

The more I live and look to you- I see situations that add to this beautiful life.

Since I know the lesson is love- I look for it everywhere and in everyone.

And because I do I will find it everywhere and in everyone. And so it is.

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