Who I am…. becoming!!

Note about this photo!!! Rare look of my mind being way off somewhere, Am I trying to find what it is that God desires for me? I think so and it is pure peace in the middle of any storm.

God show me-move me in the direction of your perfect will.

I know many of these detours are God appointed but please don’t let me loose sight of my purpose.

Daily I am begging to be more love and more grace so that I can share that with the world.

Daily I am spending quiet reflective time with you to make the best of earthly life,

I know you have big plans for me,

I am so excited about my life now and what is after now,

I have learned to be joyful no matter what,

I have learned to be happy in the meantime,

I have learned that I have gifts and talents that you God, gave to only me so that I could do

What only you have designed for me— to be a blessing and a gift to my brothers and sisters of this world. And so it is.

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